The Concire team has spent the last two decades working to uncover the true drivers of leadership impact. Our work has shaped the global management discussion and informed the decisions of individuals, organizations and countries.

In our new book UNCOMMON SERVICE: How to Win by Putting Customers at the Core of Your Business, Concire's Frances Frei and Anne Morriss argue that it's not enough to simply demand service excellence from your employees or periodically do whatever it takes to satisfy a customer. Companies must design excellence into the very fabric of the organization.

Rich with actionable advice, UNCOMMON SERVICE makes a powerful case for how any organization can increase profitability, satisfaction and competitive advantage by consistently delivering exceptional service.

Frances and Anne have also written extensively on service strategy, leadership and organizational change, in some of the field’s most important journals. A selection of those articles is below:

(2011). “Stop Holding Yourself Back,” Harvard Business Review

(2008). “The Four Things a Service Business Must Get Right,” Harvard Business Review

(2006). “Breaking the Trade-Off Between Efficiency and Service,” Harvard Business Review

(2000). “Exploding the Self-Service Myth,” Harvard Business Review

Anne’s ideas have also been featured on a Starbucks cup.