Leadership Development

We anchor our executive training with a rigorous, short-term experience designed to create the conditions for organizational excellence. A product of more than a decade of research on building sustainable advantage, programs are designed to challenge fundamental assumptions and emphasize practical tools for improving performance.

Each program invites managers to explore individual leadership challenges. Change, we believe, happens in an instant, when problems are seen through new frames. Our goal with each engagement is to maximize the number of frame-changing "instants" participants experience. We provide real-time coaching throughout the sessions, and offer individual feedback to participants at the seminar's close.


Our training team and curriculum are customized to reflect a firm's particular needs. Planning begins by exploring a client's goals and includes our analysis of a firm's positioning and organizational culture. This analysis is supported by internal and external source material and interviews with key managers.

Program design is flexible and can range from one to five days depending on the desired depth and application of lessons.