The Concire team enthusiastically participates in a wide range of speaking engagements, from corporate retreats to annual meetings. We are particularly open to helping organizations and individuals who work to support emerging leaders. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you are convening an audience you want to energize around issues of leadership, excellence or service.

Sample of Recent Speaking Topics:

Service Commitment: Winning by Keeping Your Promise to Customers

Firms that try to achieve service excellence by relying on great performers or on inspiring their employees to "care more" about customers rarely succeed – in fact, these well-intentioned efforts often undermine a company's ability to drive consistent, superior performance over time. Truly sustainable service excellence must be systematically designed. Design principles include ensuring an adequate return on service investments, deliberately creating a culture of improvement, and managing and training customers. This last principle is particularly important in service environments where customer behavior is impacting the cost and quality of service.

Unleashed in Uncertainty: Developing Leaders for Turbulent Times

Most organizations don't need better leadership – they need more leaders. Competition today requires unprecedented degrees of responsiveness, flexibility and creativity. And that's a leadership numbers game. More people need to take more responsibility. Performance increasingly depends on it. But the structures and cultures of most firms are designed to produce individual performers and managers, not leaders. Firms that win defy this pattern and do two things well: they create cultures that reward innovation and they provide a path from execution to impact for individuals with leadership potential. They are organized to learn – and to lead.

Getting Off the Leadership Bench

Most of us never fully realize our potential to lead. This is not particularly irrational, nor is it breaking news. History suggests that the vast majority of us will significantly impact only a handful of people over the course of our lives (it's why we lionize the exceptions). There are distinct patterns in the mindsets and choices that keep people on the "leadership bench," as we like to call it. These patterns are easy to identify and -- more important – very possible to overcome. Our advice has a few practical parts to it, but at its core is a very simple invitation to anyone on the leadership bench. It is, in short, to get up. The rest of us can't afford to let you sit.

Unapologetic: The Integration of Leadership and Identity

As the world confronts the need to expand its leadership pool, we believe there is a particular opportunity in tapping the impact potential of talented "outsiders." These individuals have latent capacity for leadership, and for a range of reasons don't look the part. There is some kind of demographic variance between their profile and their environment's historic expectations for who stands at the front of the room. In our experience working with these diverse managers and trying to make a difference as relative outsiders in our own organizations, we've found that a diverse identity often corresponds with a distinct pattern of self-imposed barriers on the leadership path. These include a range of defensive postures that heighten our sense of safety but undermine our effectiveness: unproductive relationships with opportunity and risk, with opponents and collaborators, with success and failure.